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Friday, November 26th, 2021

I was back out on a fairly warm and calm day hoping to add to the short week of lobstering. Bad weather always makes it tough to string together enough days to haul all the traps in a week. Today was good though with full traps of lobster. As on most nice days our friend Red Eye was with us but watched from a distance because the “bully” was on deck. She is wise to stay clear of him since he seems not to like anyone and comes on board almost daily.

Once I spooked him off the cabin she quickly came aboard spending the day inches from my wheelhouse window, eyes glued on me and the incoming traps. She was obviously hungry and wanted fish. Although we were catching plenty of lobsters there was only one fish to give her after checking 190 traps.

Feeling bad for her I shared my blueberry muffin on the ride to port. She loved it.

Monday I will make sure to bring some of her favorite fish which I have in the freezer at home.

Best wishes,

Captain John

Blueberry muffin? Don’t mind if I do!

November 3rd, 2021

After 7 days of stormy weather we returned to the grounds today. A 4 day nor’easter hit the New England coast last week kicking up 30-40 foot waves offshore with winds topping 60-70 knots.
Closer to shore lobstermen got to work today untangling balled up trawl lines and damaged traps. Thousands of traps were tangled, hung up on the rocky bottom or washed up on the shoreline.
Fishing further out in deeper water we found all our gear as we left it last, unmoved but out of bait. Red Eye arrived early and stayed all day looking just fine.
Fair weather predicted for the rest of the week and imagine the catch to be good.
Best wishes,
Captain John
“What storm?”

October 8th, 2021

It was a busy week hauling and moving traps further offshore for the winter run. Red Eye came aboard early and stayed late most days. She always was rewarded with some fresh treats. Also on board this week was Luca. With Debbie on vacation at Captiva with our best friend Janet, I was left in charge of our pup. He did well all week even enduring rough seas on his first day. Mornings he made friends with all the competition happily hooping aboard their boats to say hi. Luca loves fish, eating fish scraps that I wouldn’t touch without my gloves on. Life is good for all on board the Intrepid…

Best wishes,

Captain John


Red Eye Clip

September 25th, 2021

Another day lobstering south of Isles of Shoals and my friend Red Eye arrives at the first trawl of the day. Unlike the youngsters who showed up later, she is patient to wait for her food. Often a fresh treat doesn’t show up in a trap for many hauls. She’ll watch with a birds eye view thru the window looking for a fish caught in the incoming traps. Not tempted by the old bait we toss from the traps she will just observe the food fight amongst the younger gulls. They will eat almost anything and fight over it too. Her wait thru the day always pays off since we eventually catch something fresh to fill her belly before she heads home to the islands. Stormy today but will be returning to see her over the weekend.

Best wishes,   

Captain John

Red Eye photobomb!
Yum! Fresh fish!
Silly young gulls…

September 9th, 2021

Sunday I took the Intrepid out for sea trials with her new engine. I was joined by Debbie and our granddaughter Charlotte along with puppy Luca. Everything went well and the Intrepid runs like a rabbit across the water.

Monday Will and I went back out to lobster fish. We caught a lot of large lobsters, but no sign of Red Eye. After over five weeks I was not surprised.

Tuesday was no different, more big lobsters and no Red Eye until mid-afternoon and to my joy she arrived while fishing where I first met her. I gave her some herring I had brought for her and she finished the day riding on her favorite spot at the bow.

Wednesday we went near Isle of Shoals to work and she landed on deck when we stopped to pull our first string. She enjoyed six fresh herring and a small redfish.

It is good to be back together, but we both are a little battle worn. Me being sore and bruised from the engine transfer and her missing a couple of tail feathers competing for food. Stormy today but headed back out Friday.

Captain John 

Red Eye in her spot on the bow
Debbie, Charlotte, and Luca
August, 28th, 2021
Red Eye is currently nesting on Isles of Shoals. Her visits have been short as she probably has young to feed. The Intrepid is having some repairs but once those are completed I am looking forward to Red Eye’s companionship at sea.

Four weeks ago the Intrepid suffered a complete engine failure. Will and I were heading in after lobstering and spending the day with Red Eye. We blew a cooling hose and overheated so quickly that the engine was ruined. A new engine has been assembled waiting to be installed. Unfortunately a key person for the work is positive for Covid and work has been at a standstill.

Every day drags slowly as Will, Red Eye and I wait to be fishing again.

Captain John 

The new engine!

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Red Eye is currently nesting on Isles of Shoals. Her visits have been short as she probably has young to feed. The Intrepid is having some repairs but once those are completed I am looking forward to Red Eye’s companionship at sea.