Captain’s Blog

8 December, 2022

Being a 4th generation fisherman and lifelong waterman, I feel a deep connection to the marine environment. Watching sunrises, sunsets and storms on the water can be soul searching. Fishing, crabbing, clamming and lobstering helped me develop the knowledge and intuitive thinking needed to become a successful lobsterman (high-liner). Living with nature and having an admiration of a healthy marine ecosystem lead me to a better understanding of marine creatures. I have had propoises, dolphins, and whales come alongside my boat and look directly in my eyes reaching into my inner being. They are all individuals.

This brings me to my connection with Red Eye; a great blackbacked gull who has been coming on my boat for 18 years and the writing of a children’s book about her. Her injury in 2020, her rehab, recovery, and return to her place on the bow of my boat for fish treats made a heartwarming story for anyone who can appreciate nature.